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Olhão was the first draw.


A salty, sometimes smelly seafaring town 12 minutes from the airport yet hardly touched by tourism.


The match was made for us by Olhão’s winning combination of architecturally fascinating buildings plus its uniquely eccentric spirit.


A rhythm of life barely troubled by the 21st century.


Oh, and the sunsets. And the incredible markets with their spanking fresh fish and exceptional, locally grown fruit and vegetables.


Beaches a charming ferry ride away.


Soft clean sea air in summer and bright, sun-filled, mild winters.  

Our White Terraces places were mostly built around 150 years ago during the town’s belle époque when its canning factories and canny merchants were making money hand over tattooed fist.


The houses the Olhanense built for themselves were terribly handsome, if rather careworn and forlorn when we arrived here more than a decade ago.


Whilst life here is simple, honest and fulfilling, it’s never boring: Olhão’s maze alleys and cobbled streets echo to the calls of her rugged fishermen and reeling clam diggers.


The town’s cast of architectural, human and animal characters feel like they’d be right at home in a Fellini movie.


Come, spend some timeless time with us. And make yourself right at home.


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